Welcome to Howard Christensen Nature Center

The Howard Christensen Nature Center, operated by Lily’s Frog Pad Inc., was established in 2011 as an independent nonprofit charitable organization. It operates year round and is governed by a volunteer board of advisors and managed by professional staff.

The Howard Christensen Nature Center operated by Lily’s Frog Pad Inc. is solely supported by charitable contributions and program/event fees and fund raising efforts.

Mission: Inspirational leadership and excellence to advance all walks of life to give back to nature while receiving outdoors benefits, learning to love nature’s beauty to mankind, mentally, spiritually and physically. To superbly manage Howard Christen Nature Center (HCNC) to give the community opportunities that enhances their admiration, knowledge, and overseer of the natural environment.

Lily’s Frog Pad Inc. To give a legacy to our communities, children, to volunteer with a purpose, to give unselfishly, to expect nothing back in return, and to leave this life better than we found it. It is an act of responsibility to leave a positive legacy, find it in your hearts and souls to live a life of generous love and devotion to a worthy cause

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Cassie VanGessel

I am an intern with the Kent County Health Department. I am creating a survey on school nutrition. I am currently updating our contact list and will be sending the survey out shortly. Can I please get the principal’s name and email and the school’s phone number?
Thank you,
Cassie VanGessel


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